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Bear+His Boy

Hello dear readers.


So, you’re probably wondering who this adorable pair are.  Well, they are Bear+His Boy.  These two rascals are our newest characters, and the stars of a new series of children’s books we are working on.


The first book in the series will be called “Dictionbeary” and is a delightful rhyming story of Bear+His Boy having fun with the alphabet on a rainy day.


But before we talk about the books, let’s have a look at just who Bear+His Boy are.  First – Bear.


Bear is by far the more mischievous of the pair.  He is the go-getter, the one who is always first to jump at new ideas and adventure.


Boy is the quieter one, the thinker.  He always has a new idea for Bear to explore.


Bear+His Boy came about while we (Teddy and Jeff) were living apart in opposite corners of the world.  We needed something to connect us, to keep our imaginations firing.  It started as a small project to draw a new picture every day for the 77 days we would be apart.  What followed was the development of our two most beloved characters, and the eventual penning of their tales.


We truly hope you love Bear+His Boy as much as we have loved bringing them to life.

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